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About Big Jer's

If you are frustrated by lack of personal service, or have simply given up on quality and consistency, then you may want to try a real barber shop. There are many, many salons and "Quick-cuts", whose names you probably know, but perhaps they have not met your needs. At Big Jer’s, you will get the same barber, consistent service, your neck shaved with a real straight razor, and the quality that comes with over 40 years of experience. All you need is the willingness to give a call and save a spot. Most of my clients plan ahead, and I'm now working just three days a week, so if you can text, call, email ahead, I'll save you a spot. My motto is, "One Head at a Time", so there is no running from one person to the next. The time you reserve is for you. Come early and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee with homemade cookies that, along with my slightly skewed sense of humor, are complimentary.

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